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SPA Resort Diamant Dudince provides you with regular cultural events in the space of our SPA House. If you belong to people who prefer an active rest, there are various entertainment programs and concerts of live music for you.

Cultural Events


Thanks to the digitalization project of cinema of SPA House DIAMANT, we show European and American films. Due to the large size of the premises, various concerts, performances and discussions are held in the cinema. The capacity of the cinema is 158 seats.


If you prefer a quiet rest, you can visit our resort library, which offers you good books of slovak and world literature.

Tesarske gorge – natural monument with an area of 7,759 m2 is located in the cadastre of Hontianske Tesare – it is a short unique canyon valley that appeared as a result of epiclastic volcanic sedimentation from the Stratovolcano Štiavnica (Shtiavnica). The chaotic sedimentation on the wall in the delta of the local stream is unique and indicates that once in this region there was a sea.

Krupinske bralce – natural monument with an area of 6,900 m2 in the cadastral municipality of Krupina, which was declared a protected area in 1975. The protected object is a series of pillars with a directly adjacent stony base, which also supports the stability of a number of pillars.

Andesitic stone sea is a national natural monument with an area of 14,300 m2, which consists of massive dark andesites. It is located in the village of Mala Lehota and has high scientific value.

Šinkov Salaš (Shinkov Salash) – a nature reserve is located in the territory of the municipality Dvorníky with an area of 23,150 m2. A protected reserve was declared in order to ensure the protection of locations with concentrated occurrence of protected and endangered species of flora in Slovakia – pheasant’s eye (Adonis vernalis).

Čabraď (Chabrad) – a nature reserve with an area of 1,412,400 m2 in the municipality Čabradsky Vrbovok. Here is a large number of different species of our reptiles, including rare protected species. Other plants and animals deserve protection. The locality of the ruins of the castle is of great cultural significance.

Sitno a national nature reserve (936,800 m2) located on the territory of the village Ilija became a national nature reserve due to the existence of Štiavnica Hills – Sitno (1009 m), which was declared a scientific, historical and culturally significant landmark. On the territory of reserve overlap thermophilic and mountain elements of the flora with the occurrence of rare and protected species.

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Bicycle rental

For guests who would like to see the picturesque SPA Resort town by bicycle, the reception of the SPA House provides bicycle rental for a nominal fee.

Outdoor pool

Pool Sizes: 25m*12m,

Open during the season daily from 7:00 to 20:30 and on Sunday from 9:00 to 20:30.